Current Project:

Affection: Fate of The Pair(艶情つがいの宿命)(Book 2 of Affection)

Chapters: Info ch8.p1 ch8.p2 ch8.p3 ch9.p1 ch9.p2 ch9.p3 ch10.p1 ch10.p2 ch10.p3 ch10.p4 ch10.p5 ch10.p6

Tengu-sama and the Eternal Vow (天狗様と永遠の契り)

Chapters: Info  Chapter 1

Finished Projects:

1)Affection: The Call Of The King  (艶情王者の呼び声) (Book 1 of Affection)

Chapters: Info  Prologue.p1 Prologue.p2  Prologue.p3 ch1.p1 ch1.p2 ch1.p3  ch2.p1 ch2.p2 ch2.p3 ch2.p4 ch2.p5  ch3.p1  ch3.p2 ch4.p1  ch4.p2 ch4.p3 ch5.p1 ch5.p2  ch5.p3 ch6.p1 ch6.p2  ch6.p3  ch6.p4  ch7.p1  ch7.p2  ch7.p3

2)Secret Nights in the Inner Palace: Supreme Emperor and his beloved two flowered princess (後宮秘夜~覇帝と双花の寵妃~ )

Chapters: Intro  ch1.p1  ch1.p2  ch2.p1  ch2.p2  ch3.p1  ch3.p2  ch3.p3  ch4.p1  ch4.p2  ch5.p1  ch.5.p2  ch.5.p3  ch.5.p4  ch.6.p1  ch.6.p2  ch.7.p1  ch.7.p2  ch.7.p3  ch.7.p4

Future Projects:

My novels finally arrived, so below I’ll put down a list of what I have, and a link to some info and summary~

  1. It Is Not Apparent That I Love You  (愛しているはずがない)  – Info
    [Yakuza story]
  2. Please Kill The Voice Inside Of Me  (僕の中の声を殺して)  – Info
    [Modern Fantasy]
  3. The Tale Of The Marriage Of The Licentious Dragon  (淫竜婚姻譚) – Info
    [Ancient setting]
  4. Winning The Bid On The Slave Bride  (落札された花嫁奴隷)  –  Info
    [Arabic love slave story]
  5. Courted By The Fallen Angel  (堕天使の求愛)  –  Info
    [Modern Fantasy]
  6. The Strange Tale Of The Silver Wolf The Shade Of A Moonlit Night  (月夜ぎんいろ山犬異聞)  –  Info
    [Modern fantasy]


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